Frequently Asked Questions

Please feel free to browse these FAQs, and if you have any questions of your own that are not addressed here, please contact your project manager or give us a call at 817-857-ROOF.

Yes. Texas law requires that contractors collect a deductible on insurance claims. As of September 2019, homeowners can be charged with insurance fraud along with the unscrupulous contractor who agreed to do so should the contractor be audited and caught. Fortunately, qualified clients may utilize our third-party financing to ease the initial blow, and unqualified clients may receive second-chance financing through our in-house financing program. We have affordable options for absolutely everyone.

Yes. It is entirely legal to keep insurance money instead of doing the work that was prescribed. You just cannot say that you completed work that was not completed, nor will you be able to recover the depreciation if the work was not done. When you decide not to use the money for its intended purposes, you should understand, your property will almost certainly not be covered again against future losses until you can prove that the work was done.

Many people think that their insurance company just hands them a lump sum to go shopping with and that they can keep the difference. This is patently false. Your insurance company does not set you up to profit from your loss.

If you are able to get the work done at a lower cost, then your insurance company does not owe you any more than what you paid. And the only way to get a cheaper price than what the job costs is to not perform certain tasks that need to be performed. Your insurance company is not in the business of paying anything beyond what the claim calls for. In fact, many times, they don’t even pay what the job costs to begin with, causing us to turn in supplements. Not performing certain tasks could lead to lower coverage payout, potential fines for submitting false documents, and even void manufacturer warranties.

It is ALWAYS most advisable to simply perform all of the tasks that your insurance carrier prescribes from their adjustment of the damages.

Most jobs are completed in a single day. The most common hold-ups we experience are due to weather. Larger homes simply require larger crews in order to still get the job done on time.

So help me, I will turn this car around right now.

…Just kidding.

…but for real though.

Yes. Texas law requires that we carry a minimum of $50,000 on our policy. We carry $1 Million on every job.

Yes, Davis Roofing Solutions is a Certified Emerald Pro Contractor through Malarkey Roofing Products. This means we are able to provide our clients with an extended lifetime warranty on every roof we install with Malarkey products. Essentially, what an extended lifetime warranty is, is a longer time period of proration, up to 20 years. So you can rest well knowing your roof will perform exactly how it ought to for its entire life span.

Davis Roofing Solutions has a relationship with a third-party financing company to provide you with as little as 0% interest rates on certain qualifying short term loans.

Yes. Davis Roofing Solutions carries a lifetime labor warranty for all roof replacements. Our preferred manufacturer, Malarkey, also carries a lifetime warranty on materials. Warranties do not cover storm damage and are void when storm damage occurs. Our labor warranties are also voided when a roofing contractor other than Davis Roofing Solutions steps on the roof or props a ladder against the roof or gutters.

Since there are many varying factors that can affect price and procedure, we need to physically inspect the roof and speak with you in order to get any pricing together. However, we do not charge for such a consultation, so feel free to schedule an appointment right away.

Filing a claim is as simple as a 5-minute phone call or a quick visit to your insurance carrier’s website. Our trained professionals can walk you through this process in person, though be advised, we are not insurance adjusters or agents, we do not advertise ourselves to be, and we do not pretend to be. We cannot discuss your policy with you, make any coverage decisions, or negotiate on your behalf…we can simply say, we work nearly exclusively on insurance claim projects and are very experienced at dealing with carriers.

Yes. If you are part of an HOA, you are responsible for relaying the proper documents and information to your HOA administrators to get approval. This process varies depending on your HOA, so it is best to consult your HOA guidelines & bilaws prior to scheduling your installation.

When a person files a storm claim (wind or hail), if insurance buys it, they will write an estimate for the damage to be repaired. This total amount of the damaged property is called the RCV or “Replacement Cost Value”. That is what the property (mainly the roof in our case) is worth in brand new condition.
They then subtract the client’s deductible (which is paid by the customer to their contractor) as well as the Depreciation (which is determined by age of the property). The remaining amount is called the ACV or “Actual Cost Value”. This is the amount of the first check insurance will write.

In most cases, insurance will miss certain items…the contractor will submit any supplements (item’s not originally paid for by insurance) to be paid for. The supplement may be a check by itself, or it may be included on the depreciation check.

Once the work is complete, the contractor will submit to the insurance company a final invoice of all the work that was done and request that the depreciation be released. The final invoice should match the amount that insurance has agreed to pay. Insurance will then release the recoverable depreciation.

** If the policy has non-recoverable depreciation, that amount would be payable by the client, assuming they have agreed to perform the work prescribed…it is not paid by insurance. Usually non-recoverable depreciation, will be on items like fencing, decking, etc. but sometimes a carrier will write a policy that carries non-recoverable depreciation on the roof, or other high ticket items, in exchange for a lower premium from the client. Clients should be aware of this situation, and come to any agreement that needs to be made, before any work is performed **

Yes, we do both. We can re-roof essentially any structure that needs a roof with virtually any type of material you like, with VERY few exceptions.

Yes, we do offer repair work as well. We even offer minor repairs at no charge to you.

In the North and Central Texas regions, a builder grade 3-tab shingle will usually only last for just a few years before it needs to be replaced. Architectural shingles are definitely what you want to use when re-roofing in these areas. Davis Roofing Solutions installs a minimum Class 3 Impact Resistant shingle.

Call us first. We will evaluate your property and situation and give you the best guidance and service that your situation demands. Perhaps you only need a minor repair, perhaps you need a complete re-deck. We will assess it and give you honest feedback on your best course of action.