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If you’ve been searching for the best roofing company in our area, don’t waste another second and call your trusted Fort Worth roofing contractor. Davis Roofing Solutions is not only locally based here in Fort Worth, but is also rated among the best roofing companies in Fort Worth by local homeowners. Our seasoned team of project managers can easily handle all types of residential roof repair and roof replacement services as well as taking care of other various trades that may be included with your claim, including gutters, siding, windows, fences, and more. As Emerald Pro Certified Roofers with Malarkey Roofing Products, we use only the highest quality materials, and provide every client with a minimum of class 3 impact resistant shingles and an extended lifetime warranty on material. We also provide lifetime warranties on labor. We truly pride ourselves in providing the highest quality roofs that last and above all, the peace of mind that comes with it. Call Davis Roofing Solutions today or fill out our contact form and get your complimentary roof inspection scheduled.

Davis Roofing Solutions is the name you can trust when it comes to residential roofing here in DFW.

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We are the most trusted name in roofing here in Fort Worth. That’s because we go over the top for every single client. We hold our consultants and installers to a higher level than the industry standard and provide a level of customer service that is second to none.

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*We are not insurance adjusters, nor are we claiming to be. We cannot discuss policy-specific information with you or represent ourselves to be something we are not.

Why Are We The Best Fort Worth Roofing Contractor?

At Davis Roofing Solutions, we set ourselves apart from any other roofing contractor in the Dallas – Fort Worth area, in a number of different ways. A few of our key points of value are:

  • Lifetime Warranty for Material
  • Lifetime Warranty for Labor
  • Extended Lifetime Warranty for Material
  • Free Upgrades on shingles, underlayment, ventilation, and pipe jacks
  • Free Minor Repairs
  • Free Tree Trimming Around the Perimeter of the Roof
  • Minimum of Class 3 Impact Resistant Shingles Used
  • Highest Quality Material Only
  • Catch-All System Used on Every Job
  • Certified Emerald Pro through Malarkey Roofing Products
  • BBB Accredited
  • Members in good standing with NTRCA
  • Members in good standing with RCAT
  • 5 stars on every platform
  • Great Referral Program
  • We are LOCAL
  • We are Christian owned and operated
  • 20X over-insured
  • Hands off process for homeowners
  • One stop shop for complete storm restoration
  • Very savvy with the insurance process
  • Expert craftsmanship
  • The list goes on….

Does it cost us to be this good? Yes. Absolutely. Investing this heavily into quality is not something that comes cheap, nor is it something that many contractors do. But we care about the work we do and the people we do it for. We know that we will exceed your expectations every time, and we know you will never let another roofing contractor step foot on your roof again. We’re just that good. Thanks to the quality of our work and materials, we don’t expect to do your roof twice, but thanks to our unparalleled customer service and expertise, we fully expect to serve all of your friends and family when they need it.

The Insurance Process

  • Inspection/Evaluation

    We won’t know if you need repairs or replacements until we have a look. One of our experts can easily identify storm damage and assess the condition of your roof. If it just requires a simple minor repair, don’t worry, we do those for free! If more drastic measures are needed, we’ll let you know and coach you through filing a claim with your insurance carrier and begin walking you through the entire process. If a claim is filed, it will go something like this:

  • Schedule Adjuster Appointment

    Now that your claim has been filed, you should receive a phone call from your insurance provider to schedule the adjuster appointment.

    Call us as soon as this is scheduled.

    From this point on, your go-to response to any inquiries made by your insurance provider should be, “That’s a good question; please speak to my contractor.”

  • Adjuster Appointment

    At the adjuster appointment, a representative of Davis Roofing Solutions will show up on-site to ensure the roof gets bought by your insurance provider. If a contractor is not on-site during the adjuster appointment, the probability of the roof getting bought goes down drastically.

  • First Check & Estimate

    Once the roof is declared totaled by your insurance provider, they will draft an estimate of the cost of repairs. The total value is called the Replacement Cost Value (RCV). The age of the roof determines the depreciation amount. Depreciation is subtracted from the RCV, the remaining value of the roof is called the Actual Cost Value (ACV). Your deductible is taken out from there, as that portion is your responsibility, not the insurance carriers. The remaining amount is called the Net Claim. This will be the amount of the first check your insurance provider will issue.

  • Payment is Made

    Once you receive your first check, we will collect that and your deductible simultaneously. You will only need to endorse the insurance check; you do not need to cash or deposit it. We will deposit these 2 checks into our bank account and schedule your installation.

    NOTE: Oftentimes, your mortgage company will be listed on the check. We will take care of getting that endorsement for you. All you will need to do is sign an authorization form and we will take care of the rest.

  • Installation

    Installation typically takes about a day. During this time, all we ask is that you bring in fragile lawn ornaments/items and move the vehicles out of the driveway so that we can park our trailer and materials and ensure that your vehicle doesn’t get damaged during the installation.

  • Any Other Trades

    Often a claim will include other trades such as gutters, window screens, fencing, garage doors, chimney flue cap, chimney crown, etc. We will complete all other trades about the claim as soon as possible after the roof is installed.

  • Final Invoice and Check

    After we have completed all trades about the claim, we will submit a final invoice and certificate of completion to your insurance provider, and negotiate any supplemental payments. After we have done this, your insurance provider may confirm with you that the work is done. Please make sure you check with us before confirming this with your insurance provider. When the insurance provider finalizes the claim, they will release the depreciation check and any other amounts due.

  • Final Payment

    When the final payment arrives, just like with the first check, all you need to do is endorse it and give it to us. We will stamp it, deposit it, and close out your job. When we close out your job, we will submit your manufacturer warranty and give you a class 3 or class 4 form if applicable for you to renegotiate your premium with your insurance carrier.

  • Referrals and Reviews

    After we have completed your job, if you are completely satisfied, we would ask that you leave us a review on Google and that you share your experience with your friends and family. We will always pay referral fees for any jobs that we install that you refer to us.