What is “The Catch-All System”, and why should I care?

By now you’ve probably seen the drapes we prop against the houses of our installs. At Davis Roofing Solutions, we use a product called “The Catch-All“. It is a product designed specifically for roofers BY roofers to protect the house and personal property from damages that may occur during install. And we use it every time.

When a roof is replaced, thousands upon thousands upon thousands of nails come off of the roof, along with a few tons worth of shingles. And that’s not the only hazard. There are also often tools and other objects being dropped. This opens up the potential for windows getting broken, personal property getting damages, nails getting in tires or getting stepped on, debris falling into the AC condenser, etc. Let’s face it, construction can get messy and hazardous, yet, cleanliness certainly matters. So precautions need to be taken.

A Catch-All is made up of very durable mesh netting and cushioned poles. The poles prop up against the house and drape a chute-net against the walls and lead down to a catch-net. The mesh contains the mess while continuing to allow your AC and vegetation to breathe, preventing damaged AC units, burned grass, and wilted plants, while at the same time, containing the mess to ensure a safer and cleaner job site as well as a quick and thorough clean up.

We want to leave your yard just as clean or cleaner than it was before we came along, so that the only thing that changes about your property is your sweet (minimum Class 3) new roof.