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Kennedale Roof Inspections: Paving the Way for Supreme Roofing Quality

Introducing the premier roofing inspection services in the Kennedale region, unmatched in reliability and thoroughness.

More than just a protective barrier for your home or business, roofs are essential in maintaining your property’s safety, aesthetic appeal, and energy efficiency. Given the erratic nature of Texas weather and gradual deterioration over time, it’s crucial to conduct in-depth inspections of your roofing system. Davis Roofing Solutions takes pride in offering the most comprehensive roof inspections in Kennedale, helping you stay proactive against any looming problems.

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Why Opt for Davis Roofing Solutions for Your Kennedale Roof Evaluations?

Experience & Expertise:

Our crew consists of highly trained professionals, each possessing extensive knowledge of the roofing systems prevalent in the Kennedale region. You can have confidence that your roof is under the care of seasoned experts.

Complimentary Minor Adjustments:

Should you agree, our team will carry out minor tweaks during the inspection, such as securing loose nails, sealing areas prone to leaks, and cutting back any encroaching branches. Our objective is to maximize the durability of your roofing system.

Comprehensive Video Summaries:

Following our evaluation, you will receive an in-depth video report detailing our observations, potential concerns, and suggestions for next steps. This resource empowers you to make well-informed choices about your roof’s maintenance and repair needs.

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Prompt Interventions, Extensive Cost Reductions

Proactive roof inspections in Kennedale are key to identifying and addressing problems early on. By swiftly dealing with these issues, you can prevent significant repairs or complete replacements in the future. Moreover, a well-maintained roof not only reduces energy costs but also enhances the value of your property and ensures a safer living space.

What Does Our Kennedale Roof Inspection Include?

  • Structural Analysis: Our initial step is to assess the roof’s structural integrity, looking for any indications of sagging, deterioration, or other structural issues.
  • Exterior Evaluation: We meticulously inspect every component, including shingles, sealants, tiles, and gutter systems, for any signs of damage, wear, or inefficiency.
  • Interior Assessment: Driven by concerns of potential interior damage, we scrutinize the attic and other interior spaces for problems like leaks, mold, insulation issues, and proper ventilation.
  • In-depth Suggestions: We go beyond merely identifying issues by offering clear, actionable advice on the best course of action, whether it involves repairs, replacements, or ongoing maintenance.

Who Gains from Our Kennedale Roof Evaluations?

  • Homeowners: For those buying a new home, selling their current one, or just keeping up with regular maintenance, protect your major investment thoroughly with our detailed Kennedale roof evaluations.
  • Business Owners: Regular roof evaluations prevent unforeseen expenses, guarantee continuous operation of your business, and uphold a professional, well-maintained image.
  • Real Estate Professionals: Increase property value and strengthen buyer trust with an inspection from our certified team. Show your clients the exact state of the roof, giving them confidence in their investment.
  • Insurance Claims: Efficient roof inspections streamline the claims process after storms or other damage, ensuring fair compensation. Facilitate the claims process by having our expert team perform an exhaustive roof inspection.

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Your Reliable Ally for Kennedale Roof Inspection

Established as a beacon of trustworthiness and superior quality within the Kennedale area, Davis Roofing Solutions stands out for its unwavering commitment to transparency, professionalism, and the highest service excellence.

Ready to ensure your roof is in peak condition? Reach out to us now to schedule your Kennedale roof inspection and take a step forward in reinforcing your confidence in the durability and security of your roof!


If our inspection uncovers substantial storm-related damage to your roof and you choose to proceed with an insurance claim, here’s an outline of the usual steps you can anticipate throughout the insurance process.


Determining whether your roof requires repairs or a replacement isn’t possible until we conduct an assessment. One of our experienced professionals will be able to spot storm damage and evaluate your roof’s condition accurately. Should it turn out that only minor repairs are needed, rest assured, we handle those at no cost! However, if the situation calls for more significant action, we will inform you and guide you on how to file a claim with your insurance provider, assisting you every step of the way. If a claim is initiated, the process typically unfolds as follows:


After you’ve submitted your claim, expect a phone call from your insurance company to arrange a meeting with the adjuster.


Moving forward, whenever your insurance provider reaches out with questions, your standard reply should be, “That’s an excellent question; please discuss it with my contractor.”


For the adjuster appointment, a representative from Davis Roofing Solutions will be present on-site to advocate for your roof’s coverage by your insurance company. Without a contractor there during the adjuster’s visit, the likelihood of your roof being approved for replacement or repair by your insurer significantly decreases.


When your insurance company deems the roof a total loss, they will prepare an estimate for the repair costs, referred to as the Replacement Cost Value (RCV). The roof’s age is taken into account to determine depreciation, which is then deducted from the RCV. The result, known as the Actual Cost Value (ACV), represents the roof’s current worth. From this amount, your deductible is subtracted since that part is your responsibility, not the insurer’s. What’s left is called the Net Claim, which will be the amount of the initial check issued by your insurance provider.


Upon receiving your initial insurance check, we will gather that alongside your deductible at the same time. Your role is simply to endorse the insurance check—there’s no need for you to cash or deposit it yourself. We’ll handle the deposit of these two checks into our bank account and then proceed to arrange the installation.

NOTE: It’s common for your mortgage company’s name to appear on the check. We’ll handle the process of obtaining their endorsement on your behalf. You’ll only need to sign an authorization form, and we’ll manage everything else from there.


The installation process usually spans approximately one day. During this period, we request that you safeguard any delicate lawn decorations or items by bringing them indoors and relocate your vehicles away from the driveway. This allows us space to park our trailer and materials, and also helps prevent any damage to your vehicle during the installation process.


Claims frequently encompass various trades, including gutters, window screens, fencing, garage doors, chimney flue caps, chimney crowns, and more. We aim to address and complete all related trade work connected to the claim promptly following the roof installation.


Once we’ve executed all trade-related tasks associated with the claim, we’ll forward a final invoice and completion certificate to your insurance provider and discuss any additional payments needed. Following our submission, your insurance company might reach out for your confirmation on the completed work. It’s crucial you consult with us prior to affirming the completion to your insurer. Upon settling the claim, your insurance will issue the depreciation check along with any other outstanding amounts.


Upon the arrival of the final payment, similar to the procedure with the initial check, your only action required is to endorse it and hand it over to us. We’ll stamp it for deposit, complete the transaction, and finalize your project. Upon closing out your job, we’ll process your manufacturer warranty and provide you with a Class 3 or Class 4 form, if relevant, so you can discuss adjusting your insurance premium with your carrier.


Once we’ve finished your project to your full satisfaction, we kindly request that you share your experience by leaving us a review on Google and mentioning our work to your friends and family. We value referrals highly and offer referral fees for any jobs we secure and install through your recommendations.


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