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University Park Roof Evaluations: Taking Proactive Steps Towards Roofing Superiority with Davis Roofing Solutions

Explore the leading provider of roof evaluation services in University Park.

A roof acts as a vital defense against the unpredictable climate of Texas, safeguarding the safety, aesthetic value, and energy efficiency of your residence or commercial property. With external elements and natural deterioration over time, performing consistent, thorough roof evaluations is critical. Davis Roofing Solutions excels in conducting comprehensive roof evaluations in University Park, delivering detailed assessments to preempt any potential problems.

Reach out to us now to arrange your University Park roof evaluation and let us assist in preserving the durability, attractiveness, and efficiency of your roof.

Take advantage of our unmatched expertise to stay proactive in protecting the long-term worth of your asset.

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Why Opt for Davis Roofing Solutions for Your University Park Roof Evaluations?

Unmatched Expertise:

Our team is comprised of professionals who are not only highly skilled but also possess a deep understanding of the roofing systems prevalent in the University Park area. Choosing us for your University Park roof evaluations guarantees that your roof will be scrutinized by experts.

Complimentary Adjustments:

Should we find areas during our inspection that require immediate attention, with your permission, we’ll make the necessary adjustments right away to improve your roof’s durability. This may involve tightening loose nails, sealing areas prone to leaks, and cutting back any branches threatening your roof. Our aim is to prolong the lifespan of your roof.

Detailed Video Summaries:

After we complete your University Park roof evaluation, we’ll provide you with a comprehensive video summary. This summary will cover our findings, point out any potential issues, and recommend follow-up actions. This empowers you with the information needed to make informed decisions regarding your roof’s maintenance and any needed repairs.

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Swift Evaluations, Enduring Advantages: The Value of University Park Roof Evaluations

Taking a proactive approach to University Park roof evaluations can reveal concerns before they escalate, potentially saving you a significant amount in the long run. Identifying issues early on can avoid costly repairs or the necessity for major replacements down the line. Furthermore, keeping your roof in prime condition can reduce energy costs, enhance your property’s value, and ensure a safer environment for living.

Make a smart move for lasting peace of mind; arrange your University Park roof evaluation with Davis Roofing Solutions today.

Overview of Our University Park Roof Evaluation Process

  • Structural Assessment: Our evaluation commences with the foundation of the roof, where we look for any signs of sagging, deterioration, or other structural discrepancies.
  • External Examination: We meticulously assess every component, from shingles and sealants to tiles and drainage systems, for evidence of damage, wear, or inefficiency.
  • Internal Review: Should there be concerns about potential damage inside, our professionals will examine the attic and other interior sections for issues like water intrusion, mold, insulation deficiencies, and ventilation effectiveness.
  • Comprehensive Recommendations: Our involvement goes beyond merely spotting issues; we provide clear, actionable advice on the most suitable approach, whether that means repair, replacement, or ongoing maintenance.

Who Gains from Our University Park Roof Evaluations?

  • Homeowners: For those buying a new home, intending to sell their existing one, or just conducting routine inspections, it’s crucial to secure the safety and integrity of your most valuable asset from the ground up.
  • Businesses: Consistent roof evaluations help avoid unforeseen expenses, maintaining uninterrupted operations and preserving a professional image.
  • Real Estate Professionals: Boost property value and enhance buyer trust with a thorough roof evaluation, facilitating a smooth and transparent transaction process.
  • Insurance Claims: Precise roof evaluations expedite the claims procedure following weather incidents or other damages, ensuring equitable compensation and rapid resolution.

Collaborate with Davis Roofing Solutions: The Experts in University Park Roof Evaluations

Boasting a distinguished track record in the DFW area, Davis Roofing Solutions emerges as a symbol of reliability and excellence within the roofing sector. Our ethos is anchored in complete transparency, unmatched professionalism, and the highest standards of service.

Eager to confirm your roof’s prime status? Contact us today to schedule your University Park roof evaluation, and take a pivotal step towards enduring roofing superiority!


If our inspection uncovers major storm damage to your roof and you choose to proceed with an insurance claim, here is a general outline of what you can usually anticipate throughout the insurance procedure.


Before we determine the need for repairs or replacements, we must conduct an inspection. Our specialists are skilled in identifying storm damage and evaluating your roof’s condition. Minor repairs are handled by us at no cost! For more extensive issues, we’ll guide you on filing an insurance claim and start navigating you through the process. If a claim is necessary, here’s what you can expect:


After filing your claim, your insurance company will contact you to arrange the adjuster appointment.


From now on, whenever your insurance company has questions, your standard reply should be, “That’s a great question; please discuss it with my contractor.”


A Davis Roofing Solutions representative will be present at the adjuster appointment to ensure your roof’s assessment by your insurance is favorable. The absence of a contractor significantly decreases the chance of approval.


If your insurance declares the roof a total loss, they’ll prepare an estimate for the repairs, referred to as the Replacement Cost Value (RCV). Depreciation, based on the roof’s age, is deducted from the RCV to arrive at the Actual Cost Value (ACV). After subtracting your deductible, the remaining sum is the Net Claim, which is the amount of your first insurance check.


Upon receiving your first check, we will collect it along with your deductible. You simply need to endorse the insurance check without needing to cash or deposit it. We’ll handle the deposit of these checks and schedule your installation.

Note: Your mortgage company might be named on the check. We’ll manage obtaining their endorsement; you’ll only need to sign an authorization form.


The installation typically completes in one day. We ask you to secure fragile items and move your vehicles from the driveway to accommodate our materials and prevent any damage.


Claims may cover other areas such as gutters, window screens, fencing, etc. We’ll address these as quickly as possible after the roof installation.


After finishing all related work, we’ll send a final invoice and completion certificate to your insurer and negotiate any additional funds. Your insurer might confirm with you that the work is complete—please consult us before confirming back.


For the final payment, like the first check, you’ll endorse it over to us. We’ll handle the deposit and conclude your project. At this time, we’ll also process your manufacturer warranty and provide a Class 3 or Class 4 form for insurance premium renegotiation.


Upon project completion, we encourage satisfied clients to review us on Google and refer us to others. We offer referral fees for any projects that come from your recommendations.


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