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Joshua Roof Inspections: Paving the Way to Roofing Superiority

Introducing the premier and most detailed roofing inspection service available in the Joshua region.

Roofs are essential not only for safeguarding your home or business but also as a key factor in maintaining the safety, visual appeal, and energy savings of your property. Facing the erratic weather conditions of Texas and the natural wear and tear, it becomes inevitable for every roof to undergo a thorough examination. Davis Roofing Solutions takes pride in providing the most comprehensive roof inspections in Joshua, guaranteeing that you stay ahead of any possible concerns.

Davis Roofing Solutions stands as a beacon of reliability for residential roofing across DFW.

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Why Choose Davis Roofing Solutions for Your Joshua Roof Inspections?

Knowledge & Proficiency:

Our team consists of highly skilled professionals with deep knowledge of roofing systems prevalent in the Joshua area. Rest assured; your roof will be evaluated by experts with extensive experience.

Complimentary Adjustments:

With your consent, we will conduct minor adjustments during the inspection, such as securing loose nails, sealing areas prone to leaks, and trimming nearby overhanging branches. Our goal is to ensure your roof achieves its maximum durability.

Thorough Video Reports:

After the inspection, you will receive a detailed video report outlining our findings, potential concerns, and recommended actions. This report is designed to equip you with the necessary information to make well-informed decisions about your roof’s maintenance and repair needs.

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Immediate Actions, Enduring Benefits

Prompt roof inspections in Joshua are crucial for detecting problems early on. By quickly addressing these issues, you can avoid substantial repairs or replacements down the line. Additionally, a well-maintained roof can greatly lower energy expenses, increase the value of your property, and maintain a secure environment.

What’s Included in Our Joshua Roof Evaluation?

  1. Structural Inspection: We start by evaluating the roof’s structural integrity, searching for signs of sagging, deterioration, or other structural concerns.
  2. External Review: We meticulously examine every aspect, including shingles, sealants, tiles, and gutter systems, for any damage, wear, or inefficiency.
  3. Internal Examinations: The possibility of internal damage prompts us to inspect the attic and other interior areas for leaks, mold, insulation issues, and proper ventilation.
  4. Comprehensive Recommendations: Our service extends beyond merely identifying issues. We provide precise, actionable advice on the best steps to take, whether it’s for repairs, replacement, or regular maintenance.

Who Gains from Our Joshua Roof Evaluations?

  1. Homeowners: Whether purchasing a new home, selling your existing one, or conducting periodic evaluations, safeguard your most valuable asset from the top down with our Joshua roof evaluations.
  2. Businesses: Routine roof evaluations can avert unforeseen costs, guarantee uninterrupted operations, and maintain a professional image.
  3. Realtors: Boost property value and enhance buyer confidence with a certified roof inspection and evaluation. Demonstrate the roof’s actual condition to your clients and provide them with assurance.
  4. Insurance Claims: Precise roof evaluations simplify the claims process following storms or other incidents, ensuring just compensation. Facilitate a smooth claims procedure by having your roof assessed by our specialists.

Partner with Davis Roofing Solutions:

The Forefront of Joshua Roof Inspections

Boasting a long-standing reputation within the Joshua community, Davis Roofing Solutions emerges as a pillar of trust and distinction in the roofing sector. We firmly advocate for transparency, professionalism, and unmatched service standards.

Eager to ascertain that your roof is at its optimal performance? Contact us now to arrange your Joshua roof inspection and move forward with increased assurance in your roofing system!


In the event that our inspection uncovers considerable storm damage to your roof and you choose to proceed with an insurance claim, below is a general outline of what you can usually anticipate throughout the insurance procedure.


Until we conduct a thorough examination, it’s unclear whether your roof requires repairs or a full replacement. One of our specialists can promptly spot storm damage and evaluate your roof’s state. Should it need just a minor repair, we handle those at no cost! If a more significant intervention is required, we’ll inform you and guide you on how to file a claim with your insurance provider, leading you through the entire journey. Should you file a claim, the process will unfold as follows:


Once your claim has been submitted, expect a call from your insurance company to arrange the adjuster appointment.


From this point on, your go-to response to any inquiries made by your insurance provider should be, “That’s a good question; please speak to my contractor.”


During the adjuster appointment, a Davis Roofing Solutions representative will be present to advocate for your roof’s coverage by your insurance company. Without a contractor’s presence at this meeting, the likelihood of your roof being approved for coverage significantly decreases.


After your insurance provider has deemed your roof a total loss, they will prepare an estimate for the repair costs, known as the Replacement Cost Value (RCV). The roof’s age will dictate the depreciation amount, which is deducted from the RCV to arrive at the Actual Cost Value (ACV) of the roof. From this, your deductible is subtracted, as it represents your portion of the cost, not the insurance carrier’s. The amount left after this subtraction is termed the Net Claim, which will be the value of the initial check issued by your insurance provider.


Upon receiving your initial check, we will collect it along with your deductible at the same time. Your only action is to endorse the insurance check; there’s no need for you to cash or deposit it yourself. We will deposit both checks into our bank account and proceed to schedule your installation.

NOTE: It’s common for your mortgage company to be named on the check. We’ll handle obtaining their endorsement on your behalf. You’ll simply need to sign an authorization form, and we’ll manage everything else.


The installation process typically spans one day. During this period, we request that you secure any delicate items in your yard and clear your driveway of vehicles. This allows us to park our trailer and materials conveniently and ensures your vehicle remains unscathed during installation.


Claims often encompass additional services like gutters, window screens, fencing, garage doors, and chimney repairs. We aim to complete all related services promptly after the roof installation.


Upon finalizing all tasks related to the claim, we’ll forward a conclusive invoice and completion certificate to your insurance company and discuss any extra payments. Once this step is completed, your insurer might contact you for confirmation of work completion. It’s crucial to consult with us prior to confirming with your insurer. Subsequently, your insurer will issue the depreciation check and any remaining amounts owed.


Upon receiving the final payment, your role remains the same as with the initial check: simply endorse it and hand it over to us for deposit and job closure. Post job completion, we’ll process your manufacturer warranty and, if applicable, provide a class 3 or class 4 form for insurance premium negotiation.


After job completion, should you be fully satisfied, we encourage you to leave a Google review and share your experience with others. We value referrals highly and offer referral fees for any projects you direct to us that result in installation.


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